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Sketching outside

Art for me began as an escape from computer spreadsheets, but it has become something much more important. It’s a chance for me to interpret what I see around me and to show you things from my perspective.

Hours spent playing with Lego, digging castle moats on beaches and regular stops at Charnock Richard Services (alongside/over the M6) when I was younger have left me with a strong interest in infrastructure and urban architecture. I am particularly drawn to the everyday places, spaces through which people pass each day.

It’s easy to forget, as we zigzag our way through side streets, shelters, subways, stations, bridges and all the rest of it, that we are being influenced by what is around us. There are layers of history in what has been built, and the colour, proportion and texture of every surface has meaning. I hope to capture at least some of that, and I encourage you to take the next hold-up or queue as a chance to ponder the quiet beauty that surrounds you.


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