Swindon Artist
Swindon Artist


Gorse Hill Dental Practice
Whitehouse Road
Side Lane, Ferndale Road
Rayfield Grove
Manchester Road
St Barnabas
Omdurman Street Backsie
Side Lane, Omdurman Street
Florence Street
Side Lane, Kitchener Street
Transfer Bridge Industrial Estate
Eating crisps
Man with laptop
Manchester Road, Night
Man sleeping
Man reading
Girl with pink jacket
At the ticket barriers
At the train door
Doing the crossword
Looking through the window
Platform 2
Reading i
Reading ii
Reading iii
Reading iv
Reading v
Reading vi
Reading vii
Reading viii
Night train reflection
Sleeping i
Sleeping iii
Sleeping iv
Sleeping v
Sleeping vi
Swindon 175
Texting vi
Texting ii
Texting iii
Texting iv
Texting v - Night Train
Euclid Street 1
Euclid Street 2
Euclid Street 3
Euclid Street 4
Trip to Aldi's
Carlton Car Park
Cheltenham House from Sanford Street
Cheltenham House from Whitney St
Christ Church - Morning
Doeflex Factory
Durham St Backsie - Night
Faringdon Road
Old Town Houses - Night
Rooftops from the Wyvern Car Park
The Locarno
The Old Technical College
The Parade
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